Friday, October 12, 2018

Not 2 Green | Oh Oh ...

Most of the findings increase the uncertainty in the data and therefore increase the error margin. One however shows that a common but flawed method of data adjustment creates a false warming trend from the adjustments alone. Another finding points out that when stations were closed rather than relocated any distortion in the data remains in the record. Errors are also identified in sea surface temperatures, including some created by a member of the team responsible for that data.

Ultimately it is argued that the flawed data casts doubt on the credibility of IPCC reports that rely on HadCRUT4 data (or earlier versions of the dataset). Due diligence of these matters by governments twenty or more years ago might have avoided poorly-justified policies on climate and energy.

Audit-of-the-Hadcrut4-global-temperature-dataset - 2018

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