Thursday, April 30, 2020

Not 2 Green  |  Busted !

The ecos ( Leftists, enviros, greens, fascists ) always fail to provide concrete empirical evidence of “misinformation of opposing views” or data to support their insane positions because none exist …

Solar, wind and biofuels are insanely expensive, intermittent, unreliable, diffuse and have laughable energy densities, such sources will never replace conventional ( hydro, nuclear or hydrocarbon ) energy sources. 

Hard empirical evidence, simple physics, logic and common sense overwhelming show solar, wind and biofuels are completely incapable of replacing fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Because of the Left’s Cancel Culture, any opposing views they don’t like ( not that they’re false or unsupported ) are censored and the people espousing opposing views are personally attacked and often ruined for no good reason.

Those ecos believe the mere repetition of lies somehow magically make their absurd lies true ...

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